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FastAmp® DNA, RNA and Cell Solution


FastAmp® DNA, RNA and Cell Solution streamlines DNA and RNA collection and storage processes (including sample collection, transport, maintenance, viral/cell lysis, and viral RNA stabilization).

    100 reactions (50mL) - $395.00 (Cat.# 4631 )

    500 reactions (250 mL) - $1325.00 (Cat.# 4633 )


Intact Genomics proprietary FastAmp® DNA, RNA and Cell Solution (former name: FastAmp® Viral and Cell Solution for COVID-19 Testing) can be utilized for saliva/swab samples resulting in viral/cell lysis, and significantly simplifying this process. This solution streamlines specimen collection and DNA or RNA preparation processes including sample collection, transport, maintenance, viral/cell lysis, and viral RNA stabilization. After using the solution, the lysed DNA or RNA may be directly used in PCR, RT-qPCR, RT-isothermal DNA amplification, without the need of an RNA extraction step.

Intact Genomics FastAmp® DNA, RNA and Cell Solution  can be used various sample and cell types stabilizing and prepping DNA or RNA for subsequent PCR or cDNA synthesis, saving your team significant time and resources.

Product Includes:
      FastAmp® DNA, RNA and Cell Solution


  • No DNA or RNA extraction is needed
  • Safe for sample transport and maintenance
  • Speeds up Covid-19 and other testing processes
  • Compatible with various types of tissues including plants
  • Compatible with different detection technologies
  • Increased efficiency, specificity, and sensitivity
  • Low toxicity to humans/environment
  • Results approved and published by top scientists*cas12a image
    *Simplified Cas13-based assays for the fast identification of SARS-CoV-2 and its variants. Nat Biomed Eng. 2022 August ; 6(8): 932–943. doi:10.1038/s41551-022-00889-z.

Storage Temperature: Room temperature

Quality Control:
Functionally tested in RT-qPCR based on CDC recommended probe for activity, processivity, efficiency and sensitivity.

Safety Statement:
This kit is intended for Research Use Only (RUO). It has been repeatedly tested by Intact Genomics and other institutes, but not been tested and validated by any public health agency.

FastAmp® DNA, RNA and Cell Solution is useful for its unique ability to allow you to process samples directly apply for PCR, RT-qPCR, RT-isothermal DNA amplification without the need of DNA or RNA extraction/isolation. This will make your testing faster and more affordable.

It is also important to note that FastAmp DNA, RNA and Cell Solution contains very low concentration of less toxic chemicals relative to other testing solutions.

4631 , 4633

Additional information


100 reactions (50mL), 500 reactions (250 mL)

Example Protocol for Covid-19 testing:

  1. a) Collect a sample-saliva: ~300 µl of saliva.
    b) Collect a sample-swab
  2. Resuspend the swab or 50 µl of saliva in the viral-lysis solution (500 µl) to obtain viral-lysis mixture.
  3. Keep the viral-lysis mixture at room temperature for 5 mins.
  4. Add 1~3 µl of viral-lysis mixture directly to optimized Intact Genomics igScriptTM One-step RT- qPCR kit for SARS-CoV-2 detection. The viral-lysis mixture can also be stored or transported for one month at room temperature, or long-term (months) at refrigerated temperature (-20°C or -80°C).Covid-19 Viral Solution


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