DNA Preparation

Intact Genomics provides high-quality DNA preparation services for customers to save time and effort.

HMW (High Molecular Weight) Genomic DNA from plant, animal, human, bacteria, and fungi samples.  We can prepare high-quality, HMW genomic DNA from plant, animal, Human, bacteria, fungi including soil and other complex sources (Figure 1). This DNA can be used for library construction, PCR, BAC end sequencing, and next-gen sequencing.

Prepare DNA from any sources
Ultra Pure, High Concentration, Large-scale DNA
Genomic DNA up to Megabase-size

High Molecular Weight DNA

BAC DNA Preparation from individual BAC clones, 96-well or 384-well plates.
Using proprietary methods, we prepare ultra pure, high concentration DNA from individual BAC clones, 96-well or 384-well plates for gene discovery, gene functional study and DNA sequencing.
BAC clones from individual 384-well BAC library plates are inoculated into four 96-deep well plates, cultured, and processed using proprietary methods. The purified DNA is provided in four 96-well Miniprep DNA plates (Figure 2).

Figure 2 DNA Mini Prep

High-Throughput DNA for Next Gen Sequencing & Library Screening
With Intact Genomics’ Random Shear BAC/Formid library, high-quality DNA purification, and high-throughput DNA technologies, you can have accurate next generation sequencing data, and/or rapid library screening results at a low cost.

DNA Pooling