OEM Competent Cell and enzyme Opportunities

Intact Genomics provides high-quality life science products for Cloning, qPCR, cDNA synthesis, NGS and much more.  Using our proprietary methods, we manufacture products to the highest quality in the Industry.  Have a need for OEM manufacturing?  Let our team of experts ensure your project’s specific needs are met, by customizing formulation, dispensing, packaging and labeling of competent cells, enzymes extraction solutions and more.  Private label and white label are both available. Our team can provide knowledgeable sales and scientific support for your OEM project from start to finish.

OEM Competent Cells, Enzymes & Solutions from Intact Genomics

Benefits of OEM via Intact Genomics:

●  High Quality  — Manufacture Competent Cells, enzymes and more to your unique needs and highest quality
●  Fast Turnaround Times   — Custom cells and more can often be manufactured in 1-2 weeks
●  Custom Service   —  Intact Genomics provides customized service by one of our agents, reachable at any time for questions about your project
●  Sensitive  —  High expression from each experiment
●  Affordability  —  Depending on the needs for the project, bulk discounts may be available.

Intact Genomics Core ProductsChemically & Electrocompetent Cells

As the leading provider of competent cells, Intact Genomics offers the highest transformation efficiency, consistent high-quality, varieties of strains and greatest value on the market.

DirectPlate™ chemically competent E. coli cells

Intact Genomics (ig®) DirectPlate™  chemically competent E. coli cells a perfect choice for researchers looking to simplify their transformation workflow by eliminating time-consuming heat shock, lengthy incubations, and outgrowth procedures.

RPA (Recombinase Polymerase Amplification) Enzymes

Intact Genomics offers a variety of RPA optimization products.  RPA is an excellent candidate for developing rapid point-of-care molecular testing tools as well as agricultural applications, clonal amplification in next-generation sequencing workflows, and more.

Products for Plant Research

Intact Genomics is working to aid researchers in their study of plants.  We provide a wide variety of innovative molecular biology products that can help offer convenience, increase laboratory efficiency and study plants in new ways. Products available include our line of FastAmp® direct PCR products and agrobacterium cells along, with several common laboratory reagents.

Plus Many More!