Direct Plate V1

Intact Genomics (ig®) DirectPlate®  chemically competent E. coli cells offer superb convenience and the highest transformation efficiency on the market.

●  Save Time
Simplify and shorten transformation workflow by eliminating heat shock, lengthy incubations, and time-consuming outgrowth procedures.
●  Improve Results
Utilizing our scientists’ expertise, state-of-the-art equipment and advanced protocols, Intact Genomics DirectPlate™ competent cells are manufactured to provide transformation efficiency that is consistently higher than the competition.
●  Broad Applications
Our competent cells can be used for cloning and library construction, protein expression, phage display, plant research and other applications (we can even make custom DirectPlate™ Cells!).

DirectPlate® Competent Cells

Intact Genomics (ig®) DirectPlate® chemically competent E. coli cells are the perfect choice for researchers looking to simplify their transformation workflow by eliminating time-consuming heat shock, lengthy incubations, and outgrowth procedures, as illustrated below.DirectPlate Protocol Comparison 2022

Comparison Testing

All Intact Genomics products undergo extensive quality control and quality assurance testing.  Part of this testing for DirectPlate®  Competent Cells includes testing transformation efficiency against competitors.  Transformation efficiency is tested by using the pUC19 control DNA supplied with the kit and using the high-efficiency transformation protocol. Transformation efficiency for DirectPlate™  Competent Cells should be greater than 1×108 – 10CFU/µg pUC19 DNA. Intact Genomics has performed extensive comparison testing to prove our DirectPlate™  Competent Cells have the highest transformation efficiency on the market.

Direct Plate vs ZYMO 5-alpha Competent Cell Comparison

Custom DirectPlate™ Competent Cells

The scientists at Intact Genomics are the premier experts in competent cell production, with unmatched quality, service and value in the industry. We offer custom DirectPlate® Competent Cells services to meet customer’s specific research needs.  Utilizing our scientists’ expertise, state of the art equipment and advanced protocol, we enable to produce custom DirectPlate™ competent cells quickly, efficiently, and of consistently high quality.

  • Save Time – Let us take the time to make your cells provide superb results
  • High Transformation Efficiency – Proprietary methods ensure cells provide the highest efficiency
  • Any Strain – Custom Competent Cells from any E. Coli or other strain
  • Format Flexibility – You choose the aliquote size, tube, or 96 well plate
  • Affordable – Priced competitively, discounts for bulk orders available
  • Quick Turnaround – Receive your strain, optimize transformation and provide results within 1-2 week!