Intact Genomics is proud to partner with Geneva Biotech to manufacture and distribute MultiBac™,MultiBacMam™, and SynBac™ Cell Lines and Kits.

MultiBac™ expression system uses DNA recombination to allow for easy, high-throughput compatible construction of baculovirus vectors for multiprotein expression in insect cells. Multiprotein coexpression is required to produce protein complexes, such as multivalent vaccines, or multiple individual proteins in the same cell, such as for signaling pathways. Multiexpression technologies are also the cornerstone of the emerging synthetic biology revolution. The MultiBac™ platform has been used for production of whole intact signal transduction pathways such as GPCR signaling cascades, kinase cascades, and protease cascades. MultiBac™ has also been used for production of virus like particles (VLPs) and a wide variety of multiprotein complexes. Baculovirus Expression Vector Systems (BEVS) such as MultiBac™ are a front line technology platform for production of protein kinases, GPCRs and ion channels for drug discovery, and are a major area of interest as delivery vectors for gene therapy. Insect cell expression using baculovirus as a vector is also becoming increasingly used in manufacturing of biopharmceuticals with notable success stories emerging recently including Cervarix® and Flublok®.

BacMam™ is an increasingly popular system that facilitates delivery of heterologous DNAs to broad range of mammalian transduction targets. BacMam uses baculovirus as a vector, and has distinct advantages over other mammalian transfection methods given the large heterologous DNA carrying capacity of baculovirus (>40kbp), the uptake of baculovirus by a broad range of mammalian cell types, and the sophisticated molecular biology technologies that have evolved over the last 20 years to support generation of baculovirus expression vectors. MultiBacMam™ is the first BacMam system designed specifically to allow modular, DNA recombination based assembly of multiexpression cassettes for multiprotein co-expression in mammalian cells. MultiBacMam™ uses the same DNA recombination technologies as MultiBac™, but with mammalian promoters, and a “mammalianized” baculovirus- displaying a VSV peptide on the baculovirus surface that increases virus uptake by an order of magnitude, and a stably integrated fluorescent protein to simplify monitoring of experiments. MultiBacMam™ transfer vectors are fully synthetic, comprising only functional DNA, and as a result are small and easy to handle. The MultiBacMam™ baculovirus genome (DH10EMBacVSV) is under continuous development to remove harmful/non-essential genes (e.g. v-cath and chiA) and DNA recombination hotspots, and contains an integrated fluorescent protein expression cassette to allow for ease of monitoring virus titer. The MultiBacMam™ virus particle displays the VSV peptide on its surface to increase efficiency of entry into mammalian cells by around 1 order of magnitude compared to prior BacMam virus systems.

Traditional process scale up using baculovirus is notoriously problematic, with yields dropping progressively during scale up. SynBac™ are minimized baculoviral genomes created using modern synthetic biology techniques. The SynBac™ project aims to transform fermenter-scale baculoviral production of drug targets, and manufacturing scale production of biopharmaceuticals by creating minimal baculoviral genomes displaying exceptional DNA stability. In addition to improved DNA stability, our minimized genomes form the starting point for applications that require large DNA cargo delivery to mammalian cells, primary cells, or organs.

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User Manuals
Click here to download MultiBac™ Manual v8.4
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