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         Crafted with precision and expertise, Intact Genomics (ig®) offers high quality chemically competent cells that boast superior transformation efficiency, ensuring a higher success rate in introducing foreign DNA into the host organism. This advanced technology allows researchers to achieve optimal results, saving time and resources in their pursuit of groundbreaking discoveries. ig® chemically competent cells undergo rigorous quality control measures to guarantee reproducibility and reliability. We prioritize the purity and integrity of our cells, providing researchers with a consistent and trustworthy platform for their molecular biology experiments. Each batch is thoroughly tested to meet stringent performance standards, assuring researchers that they can rely on our cells for their critical experiments. ig® chemically competent cells exemplify excellence in the field.

●  Highest Efficiency
Utilizing our scientists’ expertise, state-of-the-art equipment and advanced protocols, Intact Genomics competent cells are manufactured to provide transformation efficiency that can be as high as 5-10X that of the competition.
●  Broad Applications
Our competent cells can be used for cloning and library construction, protein expression, phage display, plant research and other applications.

Chemical Competent Cell Transformation Efficiency

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