CRISPR and Gene Editing Products

At Intact Genomics, we believe in the power of unlocking nature’s code for the betterment of humanity. As a trailblazer in the field, we are proud to unveil our high-quality line of gene-editing products, poised to expand the possibilities of genetic exploration.

Intact Genomics provides Cas9, Cas12a, Cas13, and the cutting-edge PEmax. Each is meticulously crafted to address the diverse needs of genetic editing with unparalleled accuracy. These molecular scissors and enzymes are set to empower scientists and researchers across the globe to unravel the mysteries of the genome.

Our efficient and user-friendly sgRNA Synthesis Kits for Cas9 Nuclease and Cas12a Nuclease, are designed to streamline the synthesis process. We understand that time is of the essence in scientific endeavors, and our kits are engineered to ensure that you spend less time in the lab and more time uncovering the secrets of life.

Intact Genomics is not just a provider of gene-editing technologies; we are innovators, dedicated to meeting your specific research needs. Whether targeting the cells of humans, plants, animals or microorganisms, genome-editing tools from Intact Genomics give you the confidence that the powerful CRISPR/Cas system will meet your requirements and provide excellent quality, reliability, and ease of use.

Intact Genomics specializes in sgRNA synthesis by in vitro transcription (IVT). IVT is intricate but allows for the successful creation of longer sgRNAs (e.g. 100 or more nt) that cannot be easily chemically synthesized and purified at a low cost.

By the IVT method, the maximum yield of sgRNA can depend on the complexity of the targeting oligo. However, when it is critical to get sufficient sgRNA to demonstrate the efficiency of in vitro DNA cleavage, our IG sgRNA synthesis kits provides at least 10 µg of sgRNA per reaction. This is enough, for example, to make an RNP complex with Cas protein at appropriate molar ratios for DNA cleavage optimization in most applications. Compared to other suppliers’ IVT sgRNA synthesis kits that guarantee only a 4µg minimum RNA yield, the increased yield from the IG® sgRNA synthesis kits will enhance your chances of experimental success. These Kits include reagents and instructions for a larger sgRNA synthesis volume to yield even more IVT sgRNA and an optimized buffer to use with more complex oligos.

Intact Genomics is with you every step of the way to complete your projects.  We offer expert advice, fast ordering and delivery, and customization of product formulation or packaging configuration to meet your needs.

IG® PEmax Enzyme and PE pegRNA Synthesis Kit

Intact Genomics PEmax Enzyme for CRISPR prime-editing is a fusion protein of the SpCas9 nickase mutant (H840A) and a Murine Moloney Leukemia Virus-Reverse Transcriptase (MMLV-RT). This enzyme gives precision gene editing using a long guide RNA known as “pegRNA” which targets the DNA edit site with sequences in its 5’ region and provides the template for nucleotide changes in its 3’ region.

PEMax enzyme image

IG® sgRNA Synthesis Kit for Cas9 Nuclease or Cas12 Nuclease

IG® sgRNA Synthesis Kits include everything required for robust sgRNA synthesis (all buffers, enzymes, scaffolds).  One simply needs to provide the oligo for the target of interest, follow the simple kit instructions, and achieve superb results.3 step guide to invitro editing

  • IVT delivers sgRNAs of longer lengths that are too difficult to synthesize chemically
    • Avoids the need for multiple shorter chemically synthetic RNA molecules.
    • One reaction guarantees appropriate molar ratios for RNP complexes.
  • Simple step-by-step guide for sgRNA design and in vitro transcription synthesis reaction 
    • Easy-to-follow instructions decrease experimental failures and maximize positive results
  • Rapid Workflow (Less than 1 hour)
  • Flexible reaction sizes
    • Smaller reaction for CRISPR optimization, larger reaction for scale-up and screening
  • 10 µg or more sgRNA yield per 20 µL reaction 
    • Provides enough sgRNA for nucleofection of multiple cell types
  • Optional IG® sgRNA purification kit to add to your workflow

IG® RNA Cleanup Kit

Intact Genomics is your resource for simple and fast cleanup of RNAs including sgRNAs. This kit purifies and concentrates up to 50 µg of RNA from enzymatic reactions.  We recommend using this kit following sgRNA synthesis via the IG® sgRNA Synthesis Kits to remove proteins, salts and most unincorporated nucleotides. We compared Intact Genomics IG® RNA Cleanup Kit with New England Biolabs’ Monarch® RNA Cleanup Kit (50 μg) with 7 RNA samples (50 μg each) and 50 μl of elution buffer.  The differences in the eluted amounts are not statistically significant.

RNA Cleanup Comparative data

Cas9 Nuclease

Intact Genomics was one of the earliest suppliers of Cas9 Nuclease.  Cas9 Nuclease is the purified recombinant Streptococcus pyogenes Cas9 enzyme.  Our Cas9 nuclease contains a nuclear localization signal (NLS) and displays excellent activity and purity. Cas9 cuts both strands of DNA creating a blunt end break.

Cas9 Nucelase

Cas12a Nuclease

Intact Genomics Cas12a Nuclease is the purified recombinant Francisella tularensis Cas12a enzyme for in vitro gene editing.  In contrast to Cas9 nuclease, with it’s Cas9 generated blunt end break, Cas12a cleaves the DNA to create a “sticky” double-strand break with a four base pair overhang.

Cas12 Nuclease