PCR and qPCR Enzymes and KitsIntact Genomics has developed and manufactured a variety of kits and enzymes useful for various PCR and qPCR needs.  These include our proprietary our SYBR Green and Probe-based qPCR as well as several kits that streamline the PCR process (including our Fastamp® Solution).

FastAmp® DNA, RNA and Cell Solution

Intact Genomics FastAmp® DNA, RNA and Cell Solution may be used various sample and cell types stabilizing and prepping DNA or RNA for subsequent PCR or cDNA synthesis, saving your team significant time and resources. This solution streamlines specimen collection and DNA or RNA preparation processes including sample collection, transport, maintenance, viral/cell lysis, and viral RNA or DNA stabilization. After using the solution, the lysed DNA or RNA may be directly used in PCR, RT-qPCR, RT-isothermal DNA amplification, without the need of an extraction step.
Covid-19 Viral Solution

●  Key Benefits
  • No DNA or RNA extraction is needed
  • Safe for sample transport and maintenance
  • Speeds up Covid-19 and other testing processes
  • Compatible with various types of tissues including plants
  • Compatible with different detection technologies
  • Increased efficiency, specificity, and sensitivity
  • Low toxicity to humans/environment

Taq Polymerase, SYBR Green and Probe-based qPCR

Intact Genomics has a variety of options for PCR and qPCR needs.   Please find some comparison data below, all available at affordable prices.

PCR and qPCR Data