Intact Genomics is an ISO 13485:2016 certified biotech company that provides high-quality life science products and large DNA fragment cloning-related genomic services to help scientists worldwide explore the genome structure and function of microorganisms, plants and animal species, and discover solutions to critical challenges in human health, agriculture and the environment.

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Best Customer Service: Customer satisfaction is our top priority.  We take an individual approach to satisfy any customer need.
Superb Quality: Quality measures are strictly followed to ensure our products meet high performance and purity standards.
Customization: All products can be customized to fit research needs.
In Stock & Fast Shipping: All our products are developed, manufactured and shipped from our labs in St. Louis, Missouri. Most orders are shipped the same day of receipt for next day arrival (Monday-Thursday).
Affordability: Many of our products are priced competitively.
Continuous Improvement: We continuously improve our products, services and technologies to be competitive in life science market.
Wide Availability: Our products are sold worldwide via our website and domestic/international distributors.  We are also available from:Intact Genomics Distributors

Line for Intact Genomics

Nature-CB-cover-228x300-200x263Intact Genomics invented the Fungal Artificial Chromosome (FAC) which was highlighted as the Nature Chemical Biology cover paper in August 2017. FAC technology can capture large DNA fragments up to 300 kb and shuttle them into advanced or engineered fungal hosts for heterologous expression. This enables robust production and rapid identification of fungal secondary metabolite compounds.