Intact Genomics (ig®) DirectPlate™ Competent cells offer simple, fast, and robust results for your DNA transformation needs. DirectPlate™ TG1 Phage Display chemically competent E. coli cells are a perfect choice for researchers looking to simplify their transformation workflow by eliminating heat shock, lengthy incubations, and time-consuming outgrowth procedures. Simply mix and directly plate! DirectPlate™ TG1 Phage Display chemically competent E. coli cells provide higher transformation efficiency than any competitor‘s similar product and are suitable for high-efficiency transformation in a wide variety of applications such as cloning, phage display libraries and sub-cloning.

Please find a video below displaying the convenience and capability of this product.



Competent cell type:  Chemically competent
Species:  E. coli
Format:  Tubes
Transformation efficiency:  ≥1 x 108 – 109 cfu/µg pUC19 DNA
Blue/white screening:  No
Shipping condition:  Dry ice

Reagents Needed for One Reaction

DirectPlate™ TG1 Phage Display competent cell:  50 µl
DNA (or pUC19 Control, 10 pg/µl):  1 µl


DirectPlate™  TG1 Phage Display competent cells:  -80 ºC
pUC19 control DNA:  -20 ºC


F’ [traD36 proAB+ lacIq lacZΔM15] supE thi-1 Δ(mcrB-hsdSM)5(rK-mK-) Δ(lac-proAB)

Quality Control

Transformation efficiency is tested by using the pUC19 control DNA supplied with the kit and using the high-efficiency transformation protocol. Transformation efficiency should be greater than 1×108 – 109 CFU/µg pUC19 DNA. Untransformed cells are tested for appropriate antibiotic sensitivity.

General Guidelines

Follow these guidelines when using DirectPlate™  TG1 Phage Display chemically competent E. coli.

  • Handle competent cells gently as they are highly sensitive to changes in temperature or mechanical lysis caused by pipetting.
  • Thaw competent cells on ice, and transform cells immediately following thawing. After adding DNA, mix by gently pipetting up and down a few times. 1013-13 1013-36

Comparison Testing

Intact Genomics has performed extensive comparison testing to prove our DirectPlate™  TG1 Phage Display chemically competent cells have the highest transformation efficiency on the market.

Direct Plate vs ZYMO TG-1 Phage Display Competent Cell ComparisonAdditional experimental details are available upon request.
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