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Competent Cells

At Intact Genomics, we strive to provide competent cells that display the highest transformation efficiency, consistency and best value on the market.  Utilizing our scientists’ expertise, state of the art equipment and advanced protocols, our competent cells are manufactured to provide transformation efficiency that is often 5-10X that of the competition.  Our competent cells are available in a variety of strains including:  DH5-Alpha competent cells (ig™ 5-alpha), 10-Beta competent cells (ig™ 10B), and BL21 (DE3) competent cells.  Electroporation or chemically competent cells available.  We can work with you to find a size and order option that works best for your research needs as well. We also can provide custom competent cells to meet your specific needs.  Intact Genomics’ competent cells can increase the efficiency of your transformations while saving you lab time and significant research funding.


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